JJ in BC??

Little bro Moved out to BC to work and be young. Looking to get into JJ...he lives in Whistler Village. Any clubs in the area.


www.grapplearts.com lists one place in Whistler and www.borelands.homestead.com/bjj.html lists another in Squamish. I don't know how current their listings are. Of course, you could always try Google or the Yellow Pages.

I trained at the club in Squamish for 5-6 years, some guys used to drive down from Whistler. There was a beginner class being taught up there by a beginner but with the turnover in Whistler its been a year so I don't know if they are around or not. Best bet would be to talk to Scott in Squamish, nice guy, good instructor, blue with 4 stripes under Soares, have your bro head there for a few classes. His school number is 604 892 3710. Some of the guys that train there work in Whistler and would know what was happening up there to.