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Hey everyone -

I have been a regular member of the board since its inception and have read quite a few of the threads pertaining to questions about techniques and their different variations, escapes, options, etc.

BJJ is so vast that its been difficult to present a comprehensive tutorial that covers all the different areas of the art and most importantly - has answers to the questions that keep us from improving.

That said, I wanted to share with all of you some information about Jean Jacques Machados New Online Training Program. We spent almost a year researching, developing and designing a complete online resource for learning BJJ in virtual class environment.

The core of the program is a patent-pending technology that we call T.A.P.™(Technique Assimliation Program). T.A.P.™ is a web application that consists of a technique search engine and video browser.

What makes T.A.P.™ so unique is its ability to recognize the technique selected for viewing. It will then provide the viewer with variations, progressions, and defenses - giving you an interactive learning experience.

There are over 100 techniques in the T.A.P.™ database and more are added almost daily. Members can also interact with Jean Jacques on the private community forums. A special feature that has been incorporated into the program is when a member has a specific question about a technique or strategy, rather than type an answer in the forum, Jean Jacques will film a personal video response complete with detailed instruction.

This program was developed due to the overwhelming number of inquiries Jean Jacques receives from people who live in an area with no access to quality instruction and want to learn from him.

This program is the next best thing to training at his academy. You get to learn his style of Jiu-Jitsu, ask him questions and most important, develop a student/teacher relationship that will allow him follow your progress as your skills develop.

A complete list of member benefits is available at his website at www.jeanjacquesmachado.com

And if you haven't been to his website in a while, check it out. There is a ton of video footage that has been put up that ranges from competition footage to Walker, Texas Ranger.

Thanks for reading and I promise I wont spam :^)


Click here to go straight to the Online Training Page

Jay, it's an amazing system...
I've spent $1000s on DVD instructionals and this is by far the best money I have ever spent!

Having access to one of my heroes is unbelievable.

Thanks for making this available to us, it's really helped my game and coaching.



Hey Geoff!

I didn't realize you were a member here. Thanks for the props!


Yeah, been a lurker here for a long time.

I'd seen the online training link on the JJM site earlier this year but only decided to hook up when I saw the banner on here. Really cool and worth every penny.

If you'd done it earlier I could have saved myself $1000's on DVD's. I love the "Becoming A Champion" DVD and now I have access to lots more stuff like it.

Thanks again man, you guys rock!

I would look into it if there was a separate no-gi membership focused exclusively on sub. wrestling as a sport.

man this sounds good

Ridgeback -

Yeah there is big demand for no-gi. This summer we are going to implement no-gi material, but for now its just gi.

I will keep you posted if things change.

thanks for the input -

Any sample clips?

looks real cool.


after being a member for a few weeks, i give it a HUGE thumbs up!

Andy -

Thank you very much!
Whats your member name?

  • Jay

i are mopho

lol @ "The Andy Lounge" :)

tee hee

"The Andy Lounge"

just doesnt have the same ring to it :^)

I have just joined a few days ago and this program is amazing! It is especially helpful to me as I am overseas and do not have acces to any instructor, much less a legend like Jean Jacques! You simply can't beat the price for the amount of instruction you get! A marvelous training tool!

If you are having problems with a move, can you get answers to your questions?