JJORGE GURGEL Seminar in Michigan

Just a heads up Black Belt Jorge Gurgel will be in Grand Rapids MI January 17th and 18th, at the grand Rapids Jiu-Jitsu Academy for a competition Seminar.
Group Seminar will Saturday the 17th and Private Lessons with Jorge will be Sunday the 18th.
Please email Clint at Gunlakejiujitsu@hotmail.com or Molly at Molly@roycegracie.tv with any questions and to reserve your spot.
Don't miss this great Opportunity to train with the BEST in the Mid-West.
If you have never attended one of Jorges Seminars you need to. He is an AWSOME instructor and makes it alot of FUN too!
Let's make this Jorges Biggest Seminar yet!

Grand Rapids Jiu-Jitsu Academy? Where is that at?

maximus's girl,

TTT for Jorge & Grand Rapids Jiu-Jitsu Academy!

We too will be having Jorge down for a Seminar. However, it looks it wont be till he gets back from Brazil, in late Feb, as we have guys fighting & Two competitions in January.


The Grand Rapids Jiu Jitsu Academy formally known as The Gun Lake Jiu Jitsu Academy is now located at 3808 S. Division Avenue just south of 28th street on Division.

Come over and train it is not very far from Lansing!

Thanks Dustin... Tell your guys good luck in January. Where are they competing?
We will meet up with you at the Arnolds it looks like we are bringing a few guys with us this year. See you then.
Happy Holidays from MI

maximus's girl,

We are busy in January:

* January 10th / 4-5 guys going to North Carolina to compete BJJ (one of our Purple Belt is in the Pro. No-Gi Division)

* January 31st / 3 guys fight in OFA in Mansfield, Ohio. One of our guys, "Billy Bob", is in the main event! He is 5-0 and we hope to have him fighting in Korea soon!

So, we just didn't have time for Jorge to come down in January. We hope to have him down in February so we can get ready for the Arnold's. We hope to have 10-15 compete (myself & Tim are competing in the Pro. No-GI). We will see you in March!

Till then, have a Happy Holidays!



Man I can't wait. This is gonna be cool.

Thanks for the info Dustin. I hope to start making a few shows and show my support for the best team in the midwest..Team Jorge Gurgel!!!!

You coming to Michigan in January? Last I heard Jon was doing a superfight and I plan on going for him.

Happy holidays!



I can't wait

I have seen Jorge compete, he is fucking awesome! he attacks legs, arms, chokes, everything...

gzbull, could you contact me at metrofightclub@yahoo.com


I've met Jorge and as much as I was impressed with his ability I was more impressed with his charactor. He is the type of person that we need to be successfull for the sake of the sport.


ttt for Team Jorge Gurgel


You got mail!



You could not be more "CORRECT"! Jorge is an awesome individual! He has a kind of charisma that demands attention. Weather he is the gym, in the cage, or just talking with his team, he always seem to draw attention.

However, the one thing that I draw from Jorge his the way he is so supportive of all his students!

Dustin Ware

Team Ground Zero / Jorge Gurgel

Help keep this up Guys thanks!


Thanks ATLATL....

A pleasure.