JJ's recent kickbox fight

Just a quick heads up and congratulations to DINASAUR JAKE SIDIC for last Friday's mauy thai win over a tough opponant who was sporting a 13 fight for 7 or 8 wins against JJ 4 and 0 record.

I know JJ is not the biggest fan of kickboxing but he does it on occassion to hep get experience for the MMA ring. I think this is a good idea for some of you fighters who cant make it into the MMA arena very often to do this. Same applies to amateur boxing. If you get a chance just jump in and have a go. It is all good experience.

Adrian Pang is also fighting kickboxing soon I believe. Both the guys have only one thing on their minds at the moment and that is the defeat of the other.

Their showdown will be July 15th. Can't wait! Here is a link from Infinite with JJ's fight for those who are interested. The quality is not too good,

Link not working (www.unclefu.com)

JJ looked good in this fight

cough record now 5-0-0 cough

JJ, you should really see about that cough. ...my bad! I guess too many shots to the head does that to you after 32 yrs of it.

Keep up the good work, champ!

here's a direct link


He throws 1 kick and it's still called a kickboxing fight?? ;P Congrats

  • Juggs

nice knee-boxing :p