JKD Family Spring Training Camp

7th Annual JKD Family Spring Training Camp 2004
June 11, 12 & 13 Toronto, Ontario

Clinics all weekend: - Ground - Standup - Clinch - Weapons

Personal coached matchups with over 15 certified instructors!

Tons of matt time all weekend long!

Including a seminar with Makoto Kabayama!

www.JKDFamily.com for more info!

You won't find more instructors at any other event!
Including JJ Blackbelts, Paulson Reps, Muay Thai coaches, Hartsell Reps, Boxing coaches, StickFighters...

Don't forget Makoto Kabayama - Senior Full Instructor under Paul Vunak!

I have been a few times and it has been amazing
every time.

will you guys be hosting vunak soon?

Sorry, we don't have any plans in hosting Vunak this year....

Thanks for the kind words SledDog! Philip has been a Guest Instructor as well as an active participant at several of our past camps. We will be hosting Philip 'SledDog' Gelinas in Toronto in October 2004.

"Tons of matt time all weekend long!"
No joke... The rolling always seems to continue into the wee hours!

You've heard the word... Check it out!

Don't forget Inosanto Reps, and more Full PFS Instructors under one roof than you can shake a stick at!!