JKD Forum poll: Gracie v. Laimon

I am doing an informal poll - who do you think will win their upcoming grappling match - Ryron Gracie (son of Rorion Gracie of the world famous Gracie Academy) or Marc Laimon (who used to train at the Gracie Academy then left and trained with many different jiujitsu coaches to find "his own path"). I'm guessing the JKD forum will be heavily Marc Laimon biased but I could be wrong. I personally think that Ryron Gracie will win by submission, and quickly.

I don't care either way.




I would like to see Laimon win, just because.

My wrestling teacher said he is the best grappler he has ever trained with.

I'm betting on that Mark Gracie guy.

Ausgepicht, Adam Singer, FJJ828, and BJJStudent - you are all nice guys, but I'm sorry you are wrong. Ryron is going to tap that ass!

errrr. That kind of came out wrong.

I always go with the experience.

We will see on the 6th Adam :)

son of a gracie vs. creonte

Tough choice, but I'm betting Ryron.

I'd bet on Laimon just because I love to see a Gracie get beat at their own game.

lot of hate for the Gracies on here - no wonder you support the creonte Laimon! Pay your respects to the Gracie Academy - "the further from the source, the muddier the waters!"

lol at that quote FatBuddha!

LOL is right!! There's some good fishing in muddy water!

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