JKD vs Wing Chun turns into a street fight!



:laughing: Excellent. Fuck that kid. He asked for it and he deserved it.


We should see a post on the OG soon about how he fought some black guy and was going to tune him up until others broke it up.

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I got a very Charlie Zeneloff feel from the JKD guy.

Funny how real fights look nothing like Kung fu or JKD.


Fucking good. Kid was a dick.


Also this

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Black guy tranes ufc

And no Wing Chun was used that day.


I guess they both learned they should have been training BJJ this whole time.


No Wing Chun NOR JKD was used that day.

Kid was a classic punk who comes to a MA class and tries to turn the class into a situation where he “teaches” what he knows to everyone. It’s really annoying. I have ran into a couple guys like this.

Kid deserved what he got.


Never ceases to amaze me… it doesn’t matter which Traditional Martial Art you study, IF you actually FIGHT for real it always turns into sloppy kickboxing & sloppy grappling.

That could have been a Silat class, a Karate class, a Hapkido class and the fight would have been the same.

The skills most martial artists practice are just NOT accessible in a real fight. It just turns into what human fight always turn into.


We were robbed of some good trapping, or at the very least some chi sao.

Instead, the sifu tied up and Judo’d bad jorts guy who was offending his honor, and probably that of a shaolin temple as well.

I just wish one of the chuan fa masters would keep the fight standing and use standup skills.


And FWIW… that William Cheung Wing Chun lineage goes to the ground faster than the Gracies.

Ever see William Cheung’s fight with Emin Boztepe…? Stayed on his feet for a couple seconds.


The impression I had from that dustup was that the sifu was afraid to stand with the JKD guy, for fear that his Wing Chun wasn’t adequate to deal with the threat. Afraid to lose face in front of his students, he resorted to Kicking His Ass Fu.

In the end, I wonder how many those students he lost to the YMCA down the street to study Judo.

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I disagree. I got into a street fight last year. I have jiu jitsu and stand up training. I understood range. Threw a jab. Connected. He got in range again, same result. Then he tried to shoot in on me, and lowered his head in the process. I instinctively threw an uppercut, the best punch of the fight. He tried taking me down again, we end up on the ground and I’m in top side. I throw some short elbows on my way to getting him in a key lock. I made him apologize and that was that. I walked away extremely thankful(and proud) of my training.

However I may not have used the correct thumb grip on the key lock and my main training partner asked if I had thrown any kicks in the fight and I had not. But for the most part, training for sure came into play.

No JKD either.

Yeah, but don’t you think training to fight makes a difference? As Eisenhower said, plans are useless but planning is invaluable.

I think I have seen a video of this street fight online

Did you say ‘say goodnight’ before you threw the elbows?


I think martial artists who win street fights win them in spite of their martial arts training as much as they do because of their martial arts training.

But, yeah, going to a class where you get exercise moving your limbs doing strikes (even dumb ones) is probably better than not doing it. Though honestly playing rugby or some other activities is probably even MORE beneficial to street fighting skill than an average traditional martial arts class with no realistic sparring.

(Obviously, if you train in a style of kickboxing, wrestling, BJJ, Judo or similar then that is probably the most useful preparation.)

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