JKDFamily Spring Training Camp

7th Annual JKD Family Spring Training Camp 2004

June 11, 12 & 13
Toronto, Ontario

Clinics all weekend:
- Ground
- Standup
- Clinch
- Weapons

Personal coached matchups with over 15 certified instructors!

Including a seminar with Makoto Kabayama!

www.JKDFamily.com for more info!


Who are those Crazy, Canadian JKD Family guys?

Not only are the rumours you heard true, but that's only the half of it!!!

You won't find more instructors at any other event! Including JJ Blackbelts, Paulson Reps, Muay Thai coaches, Inosanto Reps, Hartsell Reps, Vunak Reps, Boxing coaches, StickFighters...

All yours - All weekend!

Don't forget Makoto Kabayama - Senior Full Instructor under Paul Vunak!

More 'Old School' PFS Full Instructors under one roof than you can shake a stick at!


Cool. Too much of a drive for me from Florida though.

Who are the JJ black belts that will be there?

Pete Chassikos will be there, who is a Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt (among many other diciplines - www.torontojkd.com)
Unfortunately, Steve Horsche (Nidan) won't be able to make it this year's camp.

But there's plenty more where that came from!!!

Wow, Peter Chassikos will be there? I haven't seen him in years... I'm in Thailand right now and I won't return till the end of June, so I can't make it for the training camp :(. Please tell him Lautaro says Hi!