JKDU camp is great!

Just wanted to thank Burton for having Charuto teach at the JKDU camp here in Hawaii. I love it when I think I know a technique and then someone like Charuto shows these little details that make the biggest difference. Thanks again Charuto and Burton!

It was a great time. We had five people do the
HP-MMA fighting test yesterday and everyone passed. There was serious action in the weaponry and emptyhand rounds. They were throwing down! Great showing. Charuto was great, then today Baret held a fantastic session on leg attacks. Unreal details that I have never seen anywhere. Baret is in a league of his own. Our Submission Specialist tournament after the camp was great too. Baret was really impressed with the level of our grapplers. Great technique in the clinch, takedowns, and superb submissions. Creighton got to the mount, set up and executed a mounted triangle, then finished with an armbar from that position. Outstanding! Only drawback was that some of the guys coming in from other states were riding around in a convertible with the top down and got sunburned, making grappling a little tough. Thanks to everyone that attended (especially those from Alaska and Indonesia!), and to all the instructors who helped. What a great time. Aloha!

Forgot to thank the gorgeous and talented Tahitian dancers who closed out our camp by dancing for the students. Most excellent!

It's good to hear that the camp went well.
Great things can happen when great people get together!

We are fortunate to have so many great fighters (who are also great people) here in Honolulu. After three days of training everyone left a little sore in the physical realm, but energized mentally.

holy crap... Hawaii is the shitznitz man. Beautiful weather, beautiful woman, and awesome fight training. I'll have to move there someday!

These camps sound awesome. You gotta bring that shizzle mainland! I can't swim that far.

We are thinking about a shidizzle in Vegas. No swimming required;)

Vegas eh?

Once again, Canada gets the shaft :(