Jo Biden to Griner's Wife: Working on Her Release

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Labor in a Penal colony

Globohomo looks weak and pathetic, anti drug laws look like boss, a wife beating negro is in jail with no costs for the US taxpayer.

Win win win.

Good news is good news, I’ll take what I can these days.

This is fantasy sports at its best. Russia decline our trade offer and instead signed her to a 9-year supermax deal.


I think women’s basketball is the only sport I’d be OK with trannies playing.

Perhaps he can talk to the boss and see if he can knock $100 off the undercoating.

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Ohhhhh that TruCoat

It’s funny that in the United States, she would have never been arrested for possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia. But not in Russia. In Russia, you get arrested for such things.

It’s sad just how far gone the US is.