Joana Champion wanted to take Nunes' place tonight


Joanna Jedrzejczyk: “I spoke with Dana White and the UFC, we are going to try and make this fight happen”…


EddiePain420 -

interesting! didnt joanna lose to valentina 2x?

In Muay Thai yes

fuck yeah! what a throwback vibe this weekend could end up having...

she would get crushed, I kinda hope she doesnt do that, but it would make this card

Dana told John Morgan the athletic commission won't allow it.

No way this will get sanctioned, will it?

I would rather see that than Nunes

If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much -

Dana told John Morgan the athletic commission won't allow it.

Yeah.. the ac is fucking retarded, they could have put JJ in or Jessica Eye since ladd "got food poisoning" yesterday. Hell leslie smith said she'd book her flight and get there by 6pm. 

checkuroil_blurple_belt -
checkuroil_blurple_belt -

Were they doing early weigh-ins when Silva fought Cormier?  If so, this short-notice and after the weigh-ins argument seems suspect.

Sorry, Silva had 2-days notice but - I think - still was taking care of medicals on the flight.

Jessica eye weighed in on thursday, was supposed to fight last night, could have easily put that together today. And JJ could have had it a catch weight of whatever they weighed at this morning. She just fought in vegas in may, right?

haha, Joanna is awesome.

They are still workin on geting JJ in... holy shit if true. And leslie smith is a fucking animal. I'll buy this flight right now @danawhite @seanshelby @UFC @BulletValentina

Hey @bslater9 so sorry, plans have changed won't be able to make all the meetings on Monday - I will be in NYC doing a victory tour - @ufc …

what the fuck is going on??????

That shirt's covering her fight top.... holy fuck

checkuroil_blurple_belt -

Joanna Champion vs Bullet.  Winner gets inaugural 125 belt.  Loser gets green card (unfortunately for her by becoming my wife). 

Everyone wins something, including the fans.  Male fans win twice, since there's no way either one of them stays with me!

Nah that wouldnt work imo need to weigh 125 etc... 

I fucking LOVE JCHECK! Real fighter... heart of a Champ, and her competitive fire is so lit it makes the Sun look like a nightlight. Dana let her bang... 

Maybe a three-on-one match featuring these four instead?

Someone post the pic from the tweet jj posted

What does Joannas last tweet mean?

Gartlin - What does Joannas last tweet mean?

If you look closely, looks like its her fight gear under the reebok pull over.