Joanne of MMA Girls

 She's doesnt live in florida anymore.  She's attractive, oh yeah, but about average around here.  I think she moved to cali so even less people would notice her.  Now if she had moved to Arkansas?  Different story.

RyanWilcox - seems like another girl just trying to make something off of MMA. ie RaRa and the picture taker...

yes but see the pitcher (on purpose) taker has a head and eyes that look like an alien. This chick is fuckin smokin hot.

well so is rara

 This is the second time I've heard Crook hitting on Joanne -

I can't wait for the sex tape to leak.....

She's absolutely beautiful and adorable at the same time (kinda like Carano is).  Don't know her and have never heard her speak but from what little I've seen of her posting on here she comes off very nice and not as an attention whore.  If I'm right I hope she stays in the sport and has much success because that could only help the sport.

blasphemy i know but i think she's hotter than gina

RelentlessMMA -  

Is it just me or is she not just the most adorable thing...........Seriously.....she looks like the Girl next door, who happens to love the greatest sport in the world.......and listens to awesome music

She has my vote for the best chick in MMA




We were supposed to go on a date last saturday. We made plans and everything, i brought flowers, but sadly there was a conflict in our schedules apparently and she must of forgotten to tell me she was not going to make it cause she was too busy doing things for her website. Its cool. I totally understand, work before play. Your apology is accepted. You can just make it up to me some other time. I still hated those passes for our magical monster truck ride.


Shes lovely and get those predictions right quite a lot too :)

Her UFC 100 perdictions

Frank Mir
Mike Bisping
Alan Belcher

Those are not good perdictions never seen her 101 perdictions but I know she takes Kenny because she knows him.

Ttt for my future wife

cock blocks everyone on this thread

 TTT for a wonderful personality........and a all around damn cool chick

definately the hottest/cutest/most humble/intelligent woman in the MMA community by FAR.

no one else even comes close. she is the kind of woman you want to take home to mom and marry instead of just have a one night stand.

 She is a remarkably cool person.

justcron - is that a freckle on her leg or a spot on my monitor.

Can't believe nobody else said anything about let me do your guys dirty work.....

wtf? You look at that picture and notice a freckle that you need a magnifying glass to view? That's like looking at the fucking moon and then making an out of nowhere, 100% completely random comment about the tiniest star you could possibly find.

I gave that all up when joanne came into my life.

 HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!

Very pretty and funny girl from what I've seen.

jay1220 - this thread reminds me of when I used to work in an IT call center

very average girls working there seemed super hot because it was a sausage fest

in this case Joanne would be the average chick that seems super hot until a real hot chick shows up (that cowgirl) and reminds us what hot is all about