Joao Pedro Tinoco

This guy is going to hold a seminar in my town. Have you heard of this guy? Would you recommend going to his seminar?


Been to a seminar with him once. Decent, but pretty basic. What you get out of it depends on your current skill level, I guess. It may also have been basic because the school that held the seminar had many people new to the sport...


JP Tinoco is the man!! (We just call him JP] He trains with us in Elsinore, Denmark on a regular basis. He have been taking over practice the last 3-4 weeks, before that he have come visit us 2-3 times before where he also take over the practice. Our normal instructor is a Purple Belt.
JP is a brown belt. The only 2 belts he have awarded, is to me and my brother (we are blue's :-). I have trained with him A LOT (on and off) the last 1 year. He lives in France, but since he have no people to train with down there, he is traveling to Denmark, UK and other northern country's to live, train and do seminars.

I can for sure recommend to go to he's seminar! And if you do decide to go, please say hello from Morten in denmark and say we miss him hehe :-)
You better take advantage of it while you can, because he will be back in denmark next weekend and then we got him all for our selfs again :-)

And just for you viewing plessure, here is the link for pictures from a seminar he did here in Denmark, arranged by the gym i train in. - click on seminar pictures

MrBJJ, thanks for the comments. I'll try to attend the seminar and say hi from you.