Job Benefits for Part-time Employees?

There are a number of adults who work multiple part-time jobs to pay their bills. I personally know multiple adults who work in the service industry doing this. You likely know people that can be described like this as well. These people are not given access to a benefits package because they are not full-time employees at any particular place of employment. This is despite the fact they work enough hours across their employers as a traditional full-time employee would be required to.

Isn't this a problem worth solving?

The way insurance is structured in our society seems to make the cost of having access to things like decent health care higher to the consumer. Playing that game without insurance when it is so common in that society seems to put people at a HUGE disadvantage. Yes, there are tax deductions for some of this stuff if your income is below a threshold, but that still seems like a huge disadvantage and seems like an inefficient use of tax payer money.

Why not get business owners to solve it?

It seems doable that we could pass laws that would force business to offer access to a benefits package if they don't already have similar benefits elsewhere. It could also be illegal to ask that question prior to being hired to prevent discrimination in the hiring process. People who work for multiple employers could then choose the better benefits package for them. Kids who are already covered under their parents plan would likely not be interested and continue coverage under their parent.

Yeah, people can go get health coverage from the government due to Obamacare (like that worked out well), and they can take it upon themselves to open an IRA. Maybe the MyRA thing will help too. It just seems easier to solve than all that.

What am I missing?

No opinions on this?

Why not look after both? Many businesses run with very few full-time employers and many part-time ones that work there for many years.


There's plenty of full time work out there for people with work ethic. If people feel the need to work 3 part time jobs to make ends meet, they need to make better decisions and find a way to narrow that down to 1 full time job.


Deduct a percentage of the employee's pay to cover benefits up to a percentage of hours. So you work 48% you can take up to 48% of your Obamacare cost and put it into a pre tax FSA. Do this for each employer. So employee gets 100% covered if they want

Or they can opt out and just get a bigger paycheck

Let full timers opt out as well if they want. Phone Post 3.0