Job Security

I know in a recent thread everybody and their dog in the OG have these $130,000+ a year salaried jobs but what about those who are actually part of the statistics? 

How is everybody faring with job security in these crazy ass times? I am an electrician and it is the biggest wave of a shit sandwich ever. Finding good jobs that last more than 6 months is extremely difficult - it gets tiring always hopping from job to job always looking over your shoulder. I am in the union and making good wages now but it's always hit or miss. I have never had a salary job in my life. 

I'm considering changing careers but haven't a thought in hell what I would do. I'm 29 in August so I'm not entirely decrepit yet.


What kind of job security do you have and how long did it take you to get trained/schooled up to attain your position?


Have a good weekend bros <3

Huh, nearly the same age and the same profession.

Here in the Canadian prairies we have remained steady when it comes to construction, so job security in the trades is okay. One still may have to jump around but there always seems to be some sort of work somewhere in the province.

Though it must be said that there will be a shortage of skilled labour in our future, we have a very small amount of apprentices and an even smaller amount passing our national exams. So theres less and less journeymen filling much needed positions, especially supervisors who are willing to manage a crew.

A good branch you can work into is as a technologist. Its another 2 years in college but they are in demand in a lot of sectors. Becoming a lineman is also a good compliment to the electrical trade, another feather in the cap.

I’m in the process of cleaning out the building I work in , we will be permanently closed as of July 10th so job security is not so good right now , i am getting 18k in severance pay so I’ll be good for a while 

Oddly enough, I'm doing better than this time last year. I didn't expect it, but I won't complain about it.

I'm actually doing better than a lot of people I know however I have been furloughed twice so far this year once in February and at the beginning of June this month. And there's talks of a bigger layoff coming near the end of the year. I work in the machine tools and insert industry we make a lot of products for the government, The airline industry and energy sector and the energy sector is taking a big hit right now and we are starting to feel the full effects of it we no longer have no more new work coming into our factory. Our company just bought $20 million worth of brand new CNC Linears and Chevaliers. Our company CEO sent out a pamphlet to every employee worldwide stating that all salary employees will be taking a mandatory 15% salary pay cut for the next two years and hourly employees could see a 10% decrease in their pay by the end of this year. Most of us up there make over $20 an hour so you're thinking that's about $2 we're going to be losing on the hour. On top of that none of us except for a few out of about 200 employees have received our unemployment benefits from the first week in June. Like I said we are fortunate for continuing our work but a lot of people that I work with were upset because a lot of people were making a lot more money being at home. there was three other big manufacturers with about a total of 600 jobs with the three companies combined in our area that just recently in the past week shut their doors and everyone lost their job. Two of the companies were manufacturing facilities for the auto industry. I'm really concerned because I've just recently went through a divorce and lost about half of everything I have then all this Covid stuff hit and I have my two little girls that I take care of and raise. It's a struggle right now but I'm getting by okay without having to borrow money or dip into my 401k. 

I'm in law enforcement. What could go wrong? 

I'm 33 years in the retail industry.  I have a bachelor's degree in criminal justice but I made it to the director level and 100K+ well before I went back to finish college that I had started 20 years earlier.  I've been in logistics, operations, loss prevention, real estate and now human resources in a bunch of different companies.  I am working from home now but because everyone is working from home and the company is seeing the travel savings I wouldn't be surprised if they started eliminating field positions.  I have a resume; I can land a job in any of the departments I listed at a number of companies.

my problem is that i do ok, but i've kind of maxed out my industry. i'm a consultant to small businesses, mostly restaurants and bars. my options are to hire employees and expand my scope (i'd have to jump a couple levels of magnitude for that to pay off) or find a way to pivot the business to more digital/turn key delivery of services which, i don't know if i have the bandwidth to figure out while maintaining the core business.

as it stands, i keep a main gig that's my primary focus and then try to maintain some residual accounts or one-off consultations on the side. it's frustrating because over the last few years, i grew my business a lot in a short amount of time and now that i've plateued i have this sense that i need to start moving forward again or i'm going to lose out.

not to mention how you can imagine the landscape has changed in small business since the COVID-19 outbreak. more than one client i had in the pipeline has either paused or abandoned their projects.