Joe and Goldie

I refuse to ever listen to your biased commentating ever again, I used to be a fan...

Hendricks would land three stiff jabs and a straight and they would say nothing, then a split second later GSP grazes Kim with a hook that had no power on it and they are singing his praises, NICE HOOK BY GEORGE!

He gets his ass kicked the whole time and all they can say before the next round is how GSP has been so successful with his strikes.

It disgusts me.

You have been muted. Phone Post 3.0

Not like it really matters. The judges cant hear them so it doesnt influence their decision one bit Phone Post 3.0

It pisses me the fuck off and I find it totally disgusting. Phone Post 3.0

I remember hearing Joe say GSP is "desperate" and it seemed at times like he thought GSP was way behind and out of the fight. Phone Post 3.0

Are you retarded? They both clearly stated they thought Hendricks won the fight. Sometimes when there's a bit of silence one of them jumps in with a quick comment about the most recent move to keep the flow going, most of the time they're probably just trying to think of some new shit to say so they don't get flamed to hell for saying the same old shit continuously. Do you really believe they are consciously trying to sway opinions one way or the other? And even if they were, as others have stated, who cares, anyone of any importance is there watching it live and can't hear them anyway. Phone Post 3.0

Oh I'm not important because I wasn't there? I think their commentating is bullshit and won't be listening to it anymore.

Go fuck urself. Phone Post 3.0

gsp was hitting kim? she sucks at her job and all but that's still not cool IMO

"Anyone of importance is there watching it live"

That's pretty much the dumbest thing I've heard all day......maybe week. Phone Post 3.0