Joe Biden could become target in FBI Hunter probe…

Uh oh…

Biden shared a bank account with Hunter and personally met with Hunter’s ‘business partners’.

We all know Biden is a scumbag, but sadly we also know he’ll be protected by the media. I’m sure this story will be suppressed too.

Like Watergate, the only question that matters is “What did the President know and when did he know it?”


I’m sure he’ll receive the same punishment as Hunter.


you got him this time

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Doesn’t the FBI have their hands full, dealing with the domestic terrorist PTAs, and cosplaying as Trump supporters?


10 years in prison for the big guy

As much as I wish this corruption would be prosecuted, there is 0.0% chance it will happen. Biden’s party controls the FBI and DOJ, no chance anything happens at all. Now, if this was Trump and Trump Jr, one or both would be heading to the clink.


If there is any truth that Biden helped fund Hunter’s prostitution and drug binge in 2018 – Father of the Year award?


nothing will happen


Lol… this

Is this a more of a walls are closing in type of thing or any day now?



The law doesn’t apply to people like Joe.

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We all need to write the FBI and Congress and tell them to NOT hide this and actually do thier job!

Most likely outcome – end up being classified as a domestic terrorist like the parent’s that are speaking out at school board meetings.

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Brah, that would not be useful. The people in charge at the FBI/DOJ are no different than an MSNBC or CNN host. They are politicos and regardless of what Biden or his family did, prosecuting Democrats in power is a pipe dream.

The walls are closing in.


This is a “Bombshell”

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“Bank account? What the heck is a bank account?”

  • Senile Joe Biden


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The same laptop twitter and Facebook fact checkers said we’re russian propaganda?