Joe Biden could become target in FBI Hunter probe…


Target? It’s why he was installed to begin with. The people that control him have him compromised with it.

This is just going to make conservatives crazy.
Then Tucker will be like Rachel maddow and claim to have smoking gun evidence of corruption. Anyone remember the hunter Biden evidence that Tucker mysteriously lost?
Don’t fall for the heel turn gentleman.
Eyes on the reality of things.

Any day now

There was a smoking gun of evidence during the election and it was censored…
Most of us on the right realize Democrats are untouchable. No matter what comes out nothing will happen. No one is falling for the “Bombshell” or “Walls are closing in” gimmick like leftists did for 4 years.

For whatever it is worth the Biden family corruption should still be highlighted.


I know they censored the Biden’s dirty laundry in the laptop. I know all the compromising emails and the like.
I just don’t want to see everyone start chasing ghosts and let the leftists off the hook. They own this nightmare economy and vaccine mandate bullshit, along with the supply chain breakdown and shortages. This Biden art work and bribe stuff is distraction.

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Biden thought he would be seen as the jolly old lovable grandpa type of guy , eating ice cream and being so happy around kids and positive all the time ….lol rude awakening, the entire country hates him and I think the media will turn on him within the next year

meh, seems like they’re just feeding crumbs to appease at this point…

Biden will be pulled out and destroyed when those that installed him want to pull the plug. Just like what happen to the Governor of NY. We do not live in a Democracy anymore.

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