Joe Biden Gets PUNKED by Kids

Biden poses for pictures with kids in MAGA hats and a Trump t-shirt during 9/11 memorial in Shanksville

  • President Joe Biden was pictured with kids wearing MAGA hats and Trump t-shirts during a group photo in Shanksville, Pennsylvania on Saturday
  • Some praised the photo as a moment of unity on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks while other poked fun at the juxtaposition in the photo
  • Founder of a conservative nonprofit praised the picture: 'Sincerely, I love that Biden took this picture. And I guarantee these kids thought it was awesome too’
  • Film producer Errol Webber tweeted: 'Joe Biden got punk’d by Trump kids’
  • The Shanksville Volunteer Fire Department president posted an apology for if people were offended by the 9/11 post including images of Biden

He just wanted to be around kids. He doesn’t give a shit what shirt or hat they are wearing.


:joy::joy::joy: Fucking brilliant. This is how much of a joke he is. Absolute dickhead


Exactly. He’s in heaven right there. He’d happily say “Trump won” on camera if it got him a single sniff.


i’m interested in what you dopes would perceive the right move to be for a president to do in that circumstance?

Shows what a president Biden is. Has no problem taking pictures with those who have opposing views. What a president. Unifying this country like no other president has in the past. Thanks OP!

I’m just glad those little girls are tall enough that we can’t see Biden’s boner.


I’m surprised the shirts and hats weren’t blurred

His handlers walking Joe back to the White House after the photo op

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It’s stupid having your kids wear political shit.


He’s a good guy. Hell, he’d love it if the kids were wearing nothing at all.

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For republicans, I agree. But it’s only right for democrats, since the kids do get to vote.


Team politics helps no one.

Check his hand round the waist of the one girl

Just realized you joined 11 days ago.