Joe Biden - More economic intercourse

This guy is the gift that keeps on giving.

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He’s more in tune with the lingo than anybody 

for later

Sounds like what a hooker would say in an interview, "I have extensive experience as an economic intercourse consultant"

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After the stimulus must come the intercourse!

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There is nothing like an economic mouth-hug!


I'm going to go have sex with my checkbook. If I get paper cuts on my dick, I'm calling 911, then going to the media. Biden told me to do it.

He's not wrong, our economy is pretty intercoursed right now


If he gets elected he will get even more entertaining as his term progresses. Perhaps he can nominate Ginsburg as his VP and we can watch them play bingo during the State of the Union Address




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Protection for his erection to get him elected this election

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regarding economic intercourse... america cums first