Joe Biden rambling incoherently, mumbling and stuttering at a Town Hall Meeting with CNN

Stuttering Joe

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I wish libs could be honest about this guy’s mental decline. We get that you hated Trump and would’ve voted for absolutely anyone. But have some honesty and admit this guy is very fucked up and unwell.


nobody actually watches the show and only cares formax headroom GIF


Biggest fucking lie ever!

You jackasses voted for an imbecile.


You Americans should be thanking your lucky stars you’ve got such a fine leader AND he doesn’t say mean things

guy is fried.

still better than kamala

Closing in on 80 he’s clearly having trouble at times. But at risk of being accused of “Whataboutism”, have you heard the excerpts of a so-called “coherent” Trump when he was interviewed by Phil Rucker & Leonning?

Start at 2:48 on his response to whether he has any accountability for Jan. 6th. Even for Trump that rambling nonsense was hard to listen to. He dodges, ducks, deflects, brags about crowd size, talks about cops escorting people inside the Capitol, loving people …

So yeah, I’ll take Biden stuttering and fumbling a few times at a town hall over the delusional, sociopathic, narcissistic, corrupt man-child, snowflake and now completely unhinged Trump.


A few times lol

Biden is so eloquent. What an orator!


No wonder China and Russia fuck with him and clown him.

Take Trump out of the equation.

Would you want President Biden to be your manager, an assistant manager or even an employee if you owned a small business? Would you trust him to make important decisions for your company?

It appears that you believe President Biden does not have his full mental capacities. Don’t you think that people should be concerned about Biden’s mental capacity?

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Someone needs to combine Biden’s stuttering over the word “or” with obama’s stuttering over the word “if”

Lmao offff course you would lol.

You believed Trump was a Russian spy… lol….you lost your right to offer an opinion on pretty much anything requiring intelligent thought years ago.


You cant take trump out of the equation. There were two choices.

Same reason why you cant take hillary out of the convo of why we got trump. She was that lame.

Ill take wetbrain biden over wetbrain trump any day though.

We all already know you prefer the child sniffer.

Well you have TDS and a hard-core Hillary supporter mad still that she got smoked when she was a 98% favorite to win.

The question was for Kev but you are giving a chicken shit answer and avoiding answering.
These questions are easy. Yes or No. Hell, you can provide a reason for the answers or not but again, these are simply “yes or no” questions.

Based on your response, you think Biden is not fit. But for some reason, you feel the need to bring up Trump when people show reasonable concerns for the mental capabilities of the “current” president.

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