Joe Cav is Back in the Promoter's Saddle

Rick, the show started about 7:20pm which like I said is normal for local shows.

Let’s be honest…the quality of fighters was on the lower end. But yes there was some good fighters on the card. Tim Caron, Sanad Armouti, the 3X BJJ fighter was impressive.

Locker room had no lights. We can agree on that.

Again, I love the old WCF and I know you guys will be back to where you left off back in the day.

When you say the quality of fighters was on the lower end…compared to what? Many of the local promotions are putting on shows that have a mix of amateur MMA, amateur kickboxing, grappling, and a few pro fights at the top of the card. Some local shows don’t have any pro fights at all.

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I didn’t see it but I imagine it was a good way to see who to bring back and such. How was attendance? Because back in the 06 era when it was crazy it was a blast. I can’t imagine that happening until a couple shows take place.

Just my .02

(Like that era, that is )

Turnout was really good. The production was awesome.

Rick, you’ve been around forever. Some of the fighters were low level. I’m not talking Rico, Caron, Sanad etc…You know what I mean. Again, you guys were competing with CES and we all know how they do business. I thought it was a decent first show. I had a great time with my fighter winning and all the beer I had after.

I’ll be at the next one with my fighters again and hopefully get more on.

Also, I was happy as hell to see Denning get that win. He’s a good dude. Plus a chance to see alot of old friends there.

“some of the fighters were low level” is a different comment than your initial comment of “the level of fighters were pretty low.”

If you’re saying that there were some lower level fighters on the show, sure. I took your original comment to mean overall the quality of fighters sucked…and I strongly disagree with that.

Which guy was yours?

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Great to see Joe Cavs and crew back!! Shows back in the day used to be lit. Missed this one as I was out of town but definitely will hit the next one.

Old shows were crazy as pre-commission/sanctioning. I remember one time guy was fighting the local hero. Landed a beautiful knee at the bell that stole sould of opponent. Would have won if he and his corner didnt jump in the ring like fools thinking they won and cause like a 2 min delay between rounds allowing the other guy to recover 100%. Think he came back to sub the dude.


I apologize if I worded it wrong which I obviously did. Again I had a blast…wish there was more beer lines hahhahaha The turnout was awesome…the production was UFC level. Looking forward to going back.

Pat Casey.


No need to apologize, glad you had fun…and yes, the beer lines were insane.

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Is massmma still up and running

There’s another website doing similar things, but I sold Massmma like 10-12 years ago. It was around for a bit longer, but they eventually shut it down. The trouble with covering the events now, so much is done through social media, and the promoters don’t appear to work much with the websites.

For example, I tried finding full fight cards for several of the events recently and can’t find them anywhere. The show was a few days away, and there was no easy way to figure out what all the fights were…and when fights fall out, there’s not an easy way to find that.