Joe Cortes

Possibly WFA.

Maybe WTF.

But, if anyone has a connection to referee Joe Cortes, PM me.

He is getting ready to possibly do business with a guy who I know is going to scam him.

MMA wise, he burned Jenna on a booking deal.

He is bad news but getting to these people to give them the tip off is nearly impossible and they end up losing money, headaches, possible court dates, etc.

Just trying to do the right thing given that agents are slimy enough when being honestly slimy that athletes and such don't need an extra layer of it.

Thanks. Phone Post

And I mean Jenna THROUGH Tito.

But I had no way to get to Tito or Jenna to tip them off. Phone Post

Joe Cortez fucked up the Whitaker vs DeLaHoya fight so it's ok in my book. Phone Post

I'll give you that one.

I just don't want him ripped off.

Jenna and Tito got ripped off and I had no way to contact them.

Sadly, Jenna still does not know and is likely going to book with this guy again.

Tito hasn't seen the contracts either. Phone Post