Joe Daddy calls out Matt Serra!!

check it out


Wonder why he is calling Serra out?

Because Serra doesn't get along with Laimon or because he wants to try to take the welterweight title from him

Or because he likes the way they match up?

useless did you win your fight

Joe is in Sherk's weight class though...

Agreed with Sothy. Why isn't he calling out Sherk?

He did fight at 170 on the Ultimate Fighter...

Plus he prob thinks he's got a better shot of beating Serra then he ever does of beating Sherk...

could be an interesting fight, maybe Serra drops down to chase another title later.

Not gonna happpen. At least right now. He may be #2 at 155, but he would be around #10 at 170.

Please....Neer ate Joe alive...Serra would tool Joe with a shot to the head (like Karo and GSP) and what little warrior spirit Joe has would evaporate quickly after that...

Joe totally gassed against Neer going for that leg lock...he wouldn't break Neer's leg and Josh made him pay for it...

Seriously though this fight would be way better at 155...then again Serra hasn't fought at 155 in like what 3 years???

2 different leagues.bjj are worlds apart and standup...this doesn't even deserve mentioning

Joe is too chubby at 170. He needs to stay at 155 where he has been so successful lately. Plus he's at the end of a long line for Serra's title.

I like Joe, but that would be a silly match up for him.

His strength is his ground game, and I would guess that Matt's is much better than his.

what a stupid fight that would be. Choking out a coke head with highly suspect ground game must automatically mean you would be able to hang with a world champion Renzo guy.


Joes ground game is sick, he would suprise alot of people if they rolled


somehow serra is too small for 170 but is just a HUGE lw..