Joe Daddy interview

Interview with JOE STEVENSON

By Jonathan Brown

Joe Stevenson has emerged as one of the top contenders in the 155 pound division.  After his decisive victory over Melvin Guillard, Joe sat down with me to talk about a variety of issues.  In this Sprawl exclusive Joe talks about his future and the state of the game, Melvin testing positive for cocaine, all the upsets that have occurred lately and much more.

SPRAWL:  Congratulations on your victory over Melvin Guillard.

JS:  I appreciate the congratulations, I was really pumped up for that fight and afterwards I was like all that for six weeks man!  I was expecting a war.  I’m sure everyone was expecting one of us to get hit.  I mean whether it was his fans or my fans, someone wanted to see some blood.

SPRAWL:  Were you surprised how easy it was given all the trash he was talking before the fight?

JS:  I was not surprised.  I thought it would end quickly from a submission.  I thought I would have to weather his athleticism or aggression, but then again, I also thought his emotions could play a factor, and I could catch him slipping.

SPRAWL:  That’s two guillotines in a row, is that becoming the Joe Stevenson finishing hold?

JS:  Yeah, the funny thing about it is you don’t see too many guillotines let alone from the same fighter.  That’s the third fight I finished with the guillotine most happen two minutes into the fight

SPRAWL:  Because you’re both still dry?

JS:  Exactly

SPRAWL:  You caught him with a quick jab that knocked him down.  Were you surprised you were able to knock him down with that punch?

JS:  No, I work with professional boxers and my boxing coach is awesome.  He was throwing for the fences and I was able to stay in the pocket.  If I would have backed away he would have been on me like flies on poop.  It was cool I’m glad I got too drop him with a punch and it wasn’t just a takedown.

SPRAWL:  What was your reaction when you heard he tested positive for cocaine?

JS:  I try to stay away from that subject.  People make mistakes, things happen; you could absorb that stuff through your skin.  I mean this lifestyle is not the easiest.  I am just blessed that I have a family, a wife and kids that kick my butt and keep my head on straight.  I don’t blame him for that.  He has just allowed the wrong influences into his life that he should have backed away from at certain times and in certain situations, it’s just not the right environment.

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That's an ill interview. Joe just has a great attitude about everything and I agree with like 99% of what he said there, which is cool!

Joe=pure class. Many in the sport should follow his example.


ttt for a future champ.

As Joe said melvin is young and made a youth Mistake. No excuse But I think he will

Gain character from being down and return to be a legit contender.

Joe Daddy!

Total class. Always liked the guy, except when he was high-fiving Luke 300 times.

ttt for joe daddy

Joe is good. His nickname is fuckin goofy though. LOL