Joe "Diesel" Riggs to stay at MW

After much discussion and reflection, Joe "Diesel" Riggs wanted me to let everyone know that he will 100%stay at 185 pounds for the immediate and near future, and NOT drop to 170.

Riggs injured his back nearly a month ago after a few weeks of training in Utah with Jeremy Horn, Travis Wiuff, Tim Sylvia and Rich Franklin, among others, and was forced to pull out of his scheduled UFC 54 fight with Matt Lindland.

His rehab is ahead of schedule, and he is set to resume training in two weeks. Riggs is tentatively scheduled to fight John Cronk in Colorado on Sept. 24th at 180 pounds, and then it is 185 from here on out. Riggs is expected to fight in the UFC again within the next four months.

Riggs wants to fight any of the big three at 185 from Team Quest (Lindland, Leben, Quarry), and is ready to fight ANY top fighter in the world in the UFC to show everyone what he is really all about.

From what I've seen personally, Riggs has been maturing a great deal recently, as a person and a fighter, and the sky is the limit for someone who, still just 22, is one of the best young fighters in the world. He knows 185 is stacked (Franklin, Tanner, Terrell, Marquardt, Lindland, Loiseau, etc.), but everybody who has ever worked out, fought or has watched Riggs fight knows what he is all about.

Riggs knows he made some mistakes against Salaverry, during and after the fight, and he is disappointed about his injury, but he wanted me to tell everyone he feels great and to say to those on the UG who doubt, look out.

Riggs also wanted to thank all his fans and sponsors for the support, he will be back soon.

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Joe has a ton of potential. He messed up against Salaverry but I think he can hang with the top guys.

Riggs vs. Leben/Quary/Swick/Loiseau/Tanner would all be great matchups.

Tell him I am still pleasuring myself to those photos.

Wow. G-unit/Reebok sponsors fighters? Cool.

Riggs is bad ass, imo. Keep it up ex-fat boy

The next person to "beat the crap out of him," would also be the first person to beat the crap out of him.
He is in the UFC for a reason, and he has the skills to beat anybody at 185 on any given day.

Sure, I have admittedly seen him get tackled on the street by his BYU football playing close friend Brett a year or so ago, but that was after way too many Michelob Ultra's and with Riggs looking at me instead of the tackler.

Other than that, you might have a chance to catch Riggs in something if you're that damn good on the ground, or even strategize a boring take-down and stall gameplan, but good luck not catching a beating on the feet or on the ground.

Riggs is a lot more versatile and dangerous than you give him credit for. But he has plenty of time to lay down beatings on every top fighter put in front of him, and maybe change even you from a grumpy gorilla to a mild monkey.

Speaking of "beating the crap out of him,"it reminds me of a TRUE Joe Riggs story, goes like this:

High school freshman Joe, already a varsity wrestler, gets into it at school with senior football captain, the biggest lineman on the team, who challenges young Riggs to a fight after school.

Joe being the close family guy he is calls up his pops.

Joe: "Daddy, I'm getting into a fight after school today."

Dad: "I'm on my way there Son."

When Joe's dad shows up, the senior football player and all the upperclassman obviously laughed and ridiculed young Riggs.

Predictably, the senior football player looks at Joe's dad and gives him a little shortarmed comment: "look at this, he brought his dad to stop the fight."

Joe's father, ever the concerned parent, looks at big, unsuspecting senior and says, "I'm just here to watch my son whip your ass."

Which he did, convincingly.

tight story.

joe is a good guy and so talented. Has a great future in MMA.

Boy did he change his mind quickly as today on mma evolution he said he would go down to 170, but if this is for real then great. There are a number of good possible match ups for him at 185. Being undersized at 185 certainly was never a problem. 185 is where I'd prefer to see him.

hopefully he can have some better luck healthwise. wonder who will be matched up against next.

I wish that Riggs would stand more, his hands are awsome and no one has yet to see them.


Joe Riggs will be fighting John Cronk Sept 24th in Denver Co at the WFC Worldwide Fighting Championship.

This card has several top fighters and up and commers.  and

Best wishes to Joe Riggs!


If only someone would trade with him

Riggs is a force to be reckoned with in any division.

TTT for Diesel.

Wow, he's only 22?

Joe Riggs will be training in South Florida for a month/few months, starting in September.

The UFC has said it will hold him as a possible injury replacement for the October show, and have a booked fight for him on the next show after that if not.

Riggs is ready to fight anybody at 185, and looks forward to making his return to the UFC.

lol@that story. is that supposed to be a cool story or something?