Joe Doerksen Sept updates. Wheeeeee!!!


Still seeing that girl. She's still not giving me headaches. Just sayin...

 Still a trekkie ?


slaps your dirty face



Green chicks are hot.

A fascinating turn of events.

joe have you done a green chic yet?

Stay Away from my Family!

Joe giving an interview:

Does your girl come to this forum at all?

Phil999 - Joe,

Does your girl come to this forum at all?

 If Joe is a real man, his girl doesn't cum at all!


JHR is gonna rimshot Joe?

 This is gonna get ugly.

 Dougie, just me being involved makes it ugly.


Joe, have you referred to her yet as your girlfriend, "the boss", "ball-and-chain", etc?

Would you be pissed if some other dude started sniffin around?

Do you have sleepovers without having to ask/offer?

Have you discussed NOT seeing other people?

Held her hand in public?