Joe Hurst = New Black Belt

Want to congratulate Joe on receiving his BB tonight,well deserved. Also his top student, Scott Clawson recived his brown. He is a technical marvel on the mat. Congrats to both!



Team Casca Grossa

many congrats

Congratulations to Joe Hurst.Joe you are a great instructor, a great fighter, and a great friend I am glad I was there to see you finally get your black belt. Thanks for everything. Also congratulations to Scott and Fernando for both getting the brown.


Congratulations, Joe!!! You are a terrific instructor and a great friend. All of us in Statesville are honored to know you and have you as our instructor.

Congrats.  Who did he get it from? 

Congrats, man.


Congratulations, Joe Hurst is a great asset to BJJ and the Law Enforcement community. He is one of the top instructors around and an honorable man. I believe he recieved his promotion from Daniel Moraes {Royler Gracie Black Belt}.

I want to thank Dassio Silvia (Barra Gracie) for giving me the black belt and Daniel Moraes (congrats to him for his 4th Mundial World title at 22 years old)for teaching so much good technicque for the past years It has been 12 years and I have to thank Relson Gracie for the teching and opening all the doors,and Carlos Lemos Jr. for all his help, Marcello Clemente for putting up with me for for those months in Brazil different times and Saulo that guy is a Phenom and mostly my family that sometime suffered to help me make this long journey, it has been a long road. I don't compete alot but I teach 5 days a week to SWAT and Police and plus my academies and train my technique. I may compete again in a year or so, after several surgerys.

A Black belt is simply a white belt that never quit.

I wanted to properly thank all that got me here.


Joe Hurst


Joe congratulations on your promotion to Black Belt. Keep up the
good work. We look forward to your next tournament....

Ken Hudson

Thanks alot guys for your good remarks. Utapin you have been a big part of what I have done from the first school in Rockwell that opened back in 95' and in Concord for many years I appreciate you.

Statue, thanks man for all that you do. I have enjoyed watching you game grow. I am proud of you.

Joe M. You were there at the first Relson seminar 5 years ago. Through Gordo, Carlos Lemos Jr., Saulo, Dassio and Daniel, alot of good training. I am proud to be your friend Captian. We have been blessed to have the best of the sport come up and train with us.

Chapman: not many Law Enforcement guys have taken the game to the level you have. Congrats on your Purple and all the guys in STatesville, it is a strong Law Enforcement school.

I just want to thank all the kind words on here from many talented guys like Absolute and Judogoat RDragon Kevin and all that have posted good things.

RDRAGON we are working on next years Budweiser Tournement it will be Jan 15th and 16th we are really trying to improve it each year. We currently are working on some new mats used only for this event. The viewing for friends etc... Thanks again Ken.

Casca Grossa!!!

Good Luck to all!

Joe Hurst

congrats Joe. It was a great feeling just to be part of the class when you got your black belt. Having Daniel come up from Brazil made it extra special. I look forward to training with you for years to come. Also congrads to Scott and Fernando. Both belts well deserved.

TTT 4 Joe!