Joe Lauzon=mean bully

You two are cute.

When is the partnership legal ?

ttt for Joe & Cole, Pro UG'ers posting embarassing pictures keeps the fans connected.

Great pic, lol.

that Joe Lauzon is a bastard....

man joe's ears look unreal in that pic

At least you weren't in the ring again when he did it..... ;)

HAHAHAH, I've got some too!!!!!

pic goes to the top dollar

Joe's ears are perfect for dissipating body heat in warm climes. If the two were stranded in Saharan Africa, my money would be on Joe to outlast and ultimately eat Cole, surviving until he reached the populated areas of Morocco.

Anything is legal on the streets*, yo.

*I cannot confirm if this picture was taken on a street of any kind.

You are being attacked by a mouse! Or an elephant?

Trying to force oral jeebus Joe.

how you livin', Cole?!?


I thought you two were the same guy for the first 2 weeks of the show. Both gangly, white, dorky looking fellows. Now I know Cole has the huge head while Joe has the huge ears.

hey Cole, why the long face?

I think CRE is on to somthing.  can someone photoshop Joe's ears on Cole's face.  That would be one messed up pic.

I approve of this use of elbow to back of head.

lol, ttt!

LOL ... Thanks for the smile cole!!!

Nice pic. :) Glad to see you guys are good friends outside of the cage. And thank God you give mma fans something to smile about, other than things like the whole Benoit news that wrestling fans have to deal with when it comes to their stars.

So ttt for Cole and Joe, two great fighters who have only good things in store for their careers.