Joe Lauzon UFC 118 Shamrock Shirt Giveaway

I have 4 Joe Lauzon UFC 118 Green Shamrock shirts all in XL that I got from buying tickets through him for the Boston Event.

Since these shirts will never fit me and it's the giving season I have decided to give them away. I will send 1 shirt each to the first 4 people to respond to this thread.

So, if you're a big Lauzon fan than this is your lucky day.

I will check back later and will have these mailed out next week.

Merry Christmas UG

 woot. merry xmas to you too brah



ill even pay fpr shipping!


GriffinQ -  dammit

10ers and muds done count :D


Hah it took me 30 secs to log in and type by that time ohferfuxsakes beat me

Aww mann im a little later huh? Woulda loved one of those im a big j lau fan Phone Post

So, I have:

sushi and thunderballs
mumbling idiot (via ohferfuxsakes)
ohferfuxsakes, if I can find a fifth one i'll send it your way.

PM me your addresses and I'll have them shipped out monday or tuesday.

PM Sent... and thank you!

just in case

Its very very Kind of you to give away the shirts . And ohferfuxsakes you won Fair and square. I sent him my address, lol but if you want it ... its yours.

 I'd love one.. doh too late

 Got my shirt today brother! Thank you a ton! That was a very cool gesture and I will remember you in the future! Thanks again!