Joe Lauzon Vs. Mike Brown Rematch

April 2nd..Combat zone..gonnna be war again..ttt

this match will be great. can't wait.


I do not know Lauzon but you got to give the kid credit for giving
Brown a rematch. Class act. Best of luck.

I also agree that you got to give credit to Joe for giving Mike a rematch so soon. I definetely think Mike deserves a rematch, but Joe didn't have to, but being the fighter he is, Joe took the match.

Should be a barn-burner.

this fight will be better than the first one.. Joe wants to win because some people have sed he got lucky..Mike wants to win because he was controlling most of the fight until the end..gona be a war.. cant wait!!


this will bring a crowd.

This will be a great fight. I don't feel joe got lucky, he saw the opportunity and took adavantage of it. If the first fight is as good as the first one it will be great. Go Mike Brown!!!

Jim de

Chris Palmquist is.....


... honey bear


really looking forward to this one.


I am too.

OK Dan Lauzon I have a couple of bones to pick with you. First, on a thread I started last week you called me a "doosh bag"...I had to correct your spelling then! Now you said "sed"...I am back to correct your spelling again!! Listen, work on your spelling! I am just kidding, OF COURSE. Secondly, I told you and Chris I would buy you beers if I saw you at a rematch. You failed to mention you are 16 y/o? Are you kidding? Can you see the scandal created all over the underground? A 44 y/o bjj instructor buying beer for an underaged, nice looking kid? Do you have any idea the talk that would create? So, you FORFEIT your beer to Chris Palmquist! Sorry, but that is the way it has to be...for my reputation, etc. This will indeed be a great fight, like the last one. Two skilled warriors, takinng the fight into the ring. Win, lose, or draw both these guys deserve major props for their willingness to compete and put it on the line. Good luck Joe! I have to admit I will be rooting for my friend Mike, but I know it will be a great fight and the best man will win...which is how it should be. Dan...forget the beer, it ain't happening now. Jeeesh.

tysaw, Now you've done it. He is gonna be pissed when he gets to this...

no!...Tysaw no!

ha ha. I will definetely bear the task of having to have dan's beer. damn kids.