Joe Lauzon's next fight???

One of the most exciting fighters in the UFC for sure.

Rehabbing from knee surgery.

Anyone have any idea when he'll be back? Any potential opponents?

I've always wanted to see him rematch Cole Miller.  Also, Mac Danzig would be a great fight.

Joe / Cole would be a good fight, just like the first one.

Joe would kill Danzig though.

I wonder if Joe still wants Hermes after he gets blanketed by Tyson Griffin

 Hermes, Stevenson, or Neer would be more competitive fights for him.  Maybe even a Florian rematch?

 I'm sure Joe will find this thread and answer for himself, but I think he'll be back in the beginning of 2010...

I would like to see him fight Guida.

See if Guida can blanket him?

I think Guida is a bad matchup for Joe. Joe likes to finish fights and make it exciting. Guida likes to blanket decisions

NHB USA -  Hermes, Stevenson, or Neer would be more competitive fights for him.  Maybe even a Florian rematch?

It's Guida and Edgar that blanket guys usually. Tyson Stands & Wangs.

ttt for Joe to see

Lauzon vs. Sotiropolous

Great matchup. Thanks Tom

Any word on your next fight?

I'm going to fight Joe in a few weeks, unsanctioned, at LauzonMMA in East Bridgewater,MA.

Wow, good luck with that.

You still plan to fight Brock Lesnar then drop down to WW to fight GSP?

 I wanna see Joe whoop Junies ass (for my own satisfaction)... then stick him in with Neer or Diaz who are coming off losses.

Even if Joe finds this thread, he will not request or even say who he wants to fight.  Its kind of lame how all the Zuffa fighters have zero freedom when it comes to talking about possible matchups.  Joe always tells us after his fights are confirmed but you can't really blame him, or any Zuffa fighter for the matter.

I want to fight Shane Nelson at 155....there, your theory has been proven wrong.

Tom, moving down to middleweight was a smart move imo.  You are strong wrestler w/ good standup & jiu jitsu.  I think there are many more career boosting matchups for you at MW anyways.  You can be a contender pretty quickly imo.  CB was thought to be the next big thing at 185 and imo, all that credit should now go to you.  Good luck bro & just bleed!


Joe Lauzon vs....

 Who does Mr. Lawlor want to fight next?