Joe Moreira tournament

Joe Moreira is having an tournament at Atrium hotel directly across from John Wayne airport(81700 McArthur) to celebrate 14 years of professional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the USA.The cost is $70 for both days.Day one is a competion in every belt range.Day two,from 11 to 2 Joe himself will be giving a seminar,plus a t-shirt and a "GI" and a lunch after the seminar.Feb 7 & 8.Start time Saturday 9.See ya there.

Each person who pays the $70 gets the gi, t-shirt, competition, and seminar.

Yo Yo Yo,

I'm entering the white belt division! This is my first tourney!

Ray (Cota) said he checked out the free gi at Joe's Saturday, it's an Adidas (Joe's new sponsor)that looks cool, but is on the thinner side.


for those of you who participated in the tourney and got the Adidas gi, what's your opinion of it? What model is it? perhaps is it the same Adidas model that's on sale at

I don't know what model it is, but it is not very good. The gi is very thin and shrinks a lot when you wash it.

have already decided against it....but the input is appreciated just the same.