Joe Moreira tourny

Championship 2008. The competition will be organized by Master Joe Moreira,
the United States Federation of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and a non-profit
organization called the Walking Tall Foundation Inc.

On the first day, Saturday, we will begin the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
tournament for adult men and women ages 16 and up. White, purple, brown and
black belts will be competing.

On the second day of the event, Sunday, we will have the blue belt
competition and a special seminar by the amazing 7 time world champion,
Andre Galvao.

The registration fee will be $60 for the competition and $70 for the
seminar. But, if you sign up for both, the total fee will be $100. The
tournament will start at 9:00am on Saturday and 9am on Sunday. The Sunday
seminar will begin at 2pm. No free spectators allowed at the seminar. It
will be held at our 15,000 square foot studio at 2990 Grace Lane, in Costa

The following pages is the packet of tournament information for your use.
Please make copies of the "Individual Registration Form" to be filled out
and signed by each of your competitors. It is also very important that the
instructor carefully review the rules with each competitor, because some of
the rules may vary from other competitions.

Please make all checks payable to Joe Moreira and send all packages to: 2990
Grace Lane, Costa Mesa , CA. 92626. If you need any further information,
call Joe Moreira at (949) 254-3554.

For more information go to

Competition will be limited to a maximum of 500 participants.
Schools may enter as many competitors as they want in each category.
Each competitor must have a separate individual competitor registration
sheet along with their fees and a signed waiver from their team coach.
4. Each team coach must turn in a team registration sheet listing the
team's competitors, and a check for the total amount of
registration fees for all of that team's competitors.

NOTE: Registration due date is July 17, 2008. All registration materials
and fees must be in our possession by that date.

2990 Grace Lane, Costa Mesa , CA. 92626
Tel. (714) 557-5455 Academy
Tel. (949) 254-3554 Joe Moreira
Fax: (714) 545-3437

Weigh-ins will take place at the mats at the event location on the day of
the event.
Each competitor must check in at least 1 hour before his scheduled division.
All competitors must present a valid form of identification at the time of

The competition will be for single elimination.

All Athletes in first and 2nd places will receive Gold and Silver medals
respectively. Team trophies awarded for first through fourth places.

Competition Schedule :
Saturday 19
9am-12pm White Belt Adult, Master, & Senior
12-1pm Black Belt Adult, Master, & Senior
1-2pm Women All Belts
2-3pm Purple Belt Adult, Master, & Senior
3pm Brown Belt Adult, Master, & Senior

Sunday 20
9am Blue Belt Adult, Master, & Senior

2pm Andre Galvao Seminar

Weight Classes Men:
Rooster (Galo): 126.5
Super Feather (Pluma): 127-141
Feather (Pena): 142-154
Light (Leve): 155-167.5
Middle (Medio): 168-181
Medium Heavy (Meio-Pesado): 182-194.5
Heavy (Pesado): 195-207.5
Super Heavy (Super Pesado): 208-221
Super Super Heavy (Pessadissimo): 221 and up
Open Class (Absoluto): Open

Weight Classes Women:
Super Feather (Pluma): 118
Feather (Pena): 119-129
Light (Leve): 130-141
Middle (Medio): 142-152
Medium Heavy (Meio-Pesado): 153-163
Heavy (Pesado): 163 and up
Open Class (Absoluto): Open



School: __________________________________________________________

Name: _
_________________ ________________________________

First Last
Address: _
Street City-State Zip Code

Telephone: (
_ __ ) __ __ __ - __ __ __ __ Email:

Date of Birth: _
___________ Weight: _____Lbs.

Class: (Circle one) ADULT MEN MASTERS MEN


Adult Belt: (Circle one) WHITE BLUE PURPLE


Emergency Contact: _
Name Phone#

____________understand that by entering this competition I will be
competing at my own risk and that Joe Moreira, Jiu-Jitsu de Brasil ,the
U.S.F.B.J.J, and walking Tall foundation will not be responsible or liable
for any injuries or damages sustained during this competition or as result

__________________________________ ____________
Signature Date

NOTE: This form along with the registration fee of $60 for the tournament ,
$70 for the seminar or $100 for competition and seminar combination. It
must be turned in to your team coach promptly, so that your coach can have
it at my office by July 17, 2008 in order to compete. All checks should be
made payable to your team coach. Checks from team coach and from
independant individuals to be written to Joe Moreira.

1- All athletes must compete with a clean white, black, or blue gui, with
the sleeve above the wrist.
2- The athletes will not be allowed to apply traumatic holds, only
competition sport Jiu-Jitsu holds will be permitted.
3- The athletes will be able to apply the following holds:
Chokes: front, side, and from behind
Joint Locks: Arm Lock, American Lock, Inverted Arm Lock, Shoulder Lock,
Wrist-Lock, Foot Lock, and Knee Bars (Wristlocks, Foot Locks and Knee Bars
not allowed for White or Blue Belts).
No grabbing of fingers
No Heel Hooks or Twisting Leg Locks
No Slamming from inside the guard
No pulling behind the head except for triangle.
No keylocks (biceps lock).

4- Competition Points: 2 Points: Take Downs, Knee on the Belly,

Awesome. Are the weights with the gi?


You got it!

Randy, would you happen to know if the weights are with the gi?


Yes, yours should be pink.

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Do you guys REALLY want this ?

We'll have this match behind closed doors at Rey's academy where no one can hear faxia rua scream.

Andre,with gi yes.

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faxia Rua,Sat. 19th,yes

 Mr Bloom,

Can you make weight first thing in the morning? Sorry for this silly question but i trust your answers.



faxia rua's name new name is faxia "sore arm" rua.


I attended Galvao's seminar in NorCal. He's great, highly recommended.