Joe Moriera DVDs now shipping

The long awaited Joe Moriera Advanced passing the guard 5 DVD series is ready to go. All the shows are loaded with chapters as well. The techniques shown on this series is second to none. Listen and watch very carefully and you will not be dissapointed.
We are running a great special now

Check out the discriptions at

ttt for Island and Joe!

Back at ya Steve

The VHS are great so the DVD should be outstanding. Very good information. ttt for Island.

Joe is a guard passing beast!

Just ordered,TTT

Here's a link:Joe Moriera DVDs!Is the special only for the VHS versions?


It says passing guard dvd special

ttt for "Smashie, smashie, smashie." :-)

ttt for "Smashie, smashie, smashie." :-)

The order page is a little confusing... It says passing guard DVD special but the little marker at the side says VHS. Am I right in assuming it means the DVD set?

Prik Khee Noo

sorry for the confusion. It is a glitch. It is a DVD special