Joe Morriera?

I just started working in Newport beach and I want to go roll @ his gym but the phone is disconnected? whats the deal?

if this is betiss... nice to see your back.

Thanks guys, but any info or how I can find him?


joe is in brazil right now. but we train everyday. I train either at Marco's or Joe's.

let me know if you want the schedule.

ya I do want the schedule!

630pm on mon wed friday, 730pm on tuesday and thursday

930 am on monday wed friday

Is Joe still at South Coast Kickboxing, or did he move out of there into a new location? Isn't it off Harbor Blvd.?

Getting my bjj blackbelt has always been a dream, hopefully I can acheive it soon!

Go to my boy Juliano Prado's. He's a Joe Morriera BB and is in Newport also.

I would like to go to a place where I could train w/ a bunch of black belts my weight!

Theres probably a TKD place around there somewhere, i'm sure theres a bunch of heavyweight black belts...

i'm only playing man..:D

ttt for betiss. welcome back brother


betiss, how much do you weigh?? There are several black and brown belts to train with at Joe's.

out of shape 200pnds, training everyday 175


Congrats on your NHB win recently. When you train at Joe's do you put on a gi? If so, what belt are you?

How's training with Joe by the way. I've met him many times, but never had a chance to roll with him.

thank you about the fight.

No i dont put on a gi. I do it out of respect for MArco. Most of his guys are brown or black belts, and I am competetive with them. But I dont know what belt I would be.

There are good guys to train with, and Joe is super cool. He's in Brazil right now. Marcello is teaching right now, and he's maybe the most enjoyable instructor i have ever seen.

Im not a cocky SOB, every time you come on here you trash talk me hb punk.

Mention Joe Morreira and get 1000 hits... how funny.

The class times above are not correct. Mon & Wed is at 7:30, those are the advanced classes. Tues & Thurs is 6:30.

Joe is gone for a couple weeks, but don't let that stop you from coming by in the mean time.