Joe Riggs V Kendall Groves @ ROTR!

Just signed this one in place of Ebanez V Berger.

Ross Ebanez was injured in a car crash and might be out for a couple years. I hope my good friend has a speedy recovery.

We were not able to get the right fighter in the short time for Berger so the fight was canceled.

Because Joe Riggs was flying out to corner Santino Defranco I wanted to get him on the card which I did.

The fight was signed tonight and is on.

I know it will be a great fight!!!


ttt for what should be a good fight. I believe Kendall Groves is a purple belt (I know he was a longtime student of Laimon's before moving to Hawaii) and he recently won a boxing tournament in Hawaii. I've seen him grapple three times (2 Desert Quest, 1 AZ Grappling Challenge) and they were all wins, most of which I remember being submissions.

This is a dangerous fight for Riggs and a great addition to an already stacked Rumble on the Rock card.

TTT for ROTR!!!

Not too bad huh wolvie!!!

Groves recently beat a very tough Kaipo Kalama (Miller) ... so he has to be pretty damn good, eh. Nice match up.

Overall a really good line up, I just wish you guys could do a $10.00 webcast or something for us unlucky ones that cannot make the event live.

Nice, Alex. Riggs is fighting all over the place with great results. Good luck!

Nice to see Riggs added to the card!

ttt damn this card keeps getting better.

Great replacement fight!

The only thing I am 100% sure of, Dave Chappelle message will be well-represented by these 2 loons.


I am glad I was able to get this one signed.

good job alex

TTT for the Rumble!!

"Not too bad huh wolvie!!!"

Not too bad at all bro... :)
Another awesome fight added to an already stellar card...
I'm goin' nuts waitin' for this Friday already...

ttmft for THE RAINBOW WARRIOR!!!!!


cades... give us a little time and it'll happen for both of them!

Kendall is a great guy, but I will cover any bets (with people I know) on lil Riggs

Useless and I got a bet on this. 2 of the funniest people on this world wasting their true talents by punching each other

Alex, not a couple of years!!!! I'll be back by the next show, you know me. I'll recover fast and put on a good show the next fight. See you thursday!!!!