Joe Rogan and Dan Gable talking about Wrestling in IRAN and greatest Iranian wrestlers


interesting if some of these hairy ali reza types went into mma

the dagi’s and the ncaa boyz are not gonna dominate anyone here

on a side note…in iran people get into a lot of fights so they probably have more experience getting punched in the face then most other pure wrestlers lol


No mention of Abdollah Movahed?

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yeah that was odd how he would not say his name or any other names lol

Movahed was really fucking good and would have been a legit threat to Gable in 72. He just happened to have an injury and withdrew during the prelims. He ended up being a part of the coaching staff, unofficially, at ASU when they won an NCAA title in 1988. Bobby Douglas brought him in and there are some guys from that team who never knew his name or anything about him other than he was some Iranian guy.


that is interesting…one werid thing is some wrestlers you meet around here
barely know more then 3 names in wrestling

when you meet wrestlers from iran etc
they can name EVERYBODY and their best moves etc


what do you think of this list

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I see nothing wrong with that list. I would put Movahed above Sourian but that is because I think there is more competition in freestyle.

As far as recognition, wrestling is like a major league sport in Iran. It would be like asking a kid from New York or Chicago to name their favorite NBA or NFL player and what they do. It is sad because I was coaching high school this year and probably 2/3 of the kids didn’t know who Jordan Burroughs was. In Iran everyone who pays attention to wrestling even casually knows who Burroughs is.

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good points as far as the kid’s you coached and how many of them
didnt know who Burroughs was?

to me this odd because its 2022 …there is a thing called youtube
if a kick is interested enough in wrestling to do it…why isnt he interested enough to go on youtube

i find there are sometimes kids like that in boxing too
the ones at the gym 5 days a week and only know who mayweather is

its a werid type of personality but its even more odd for 2022 when all these videos are easy to find

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