Joe Rogan + Bass Rutten as commentators

would be full of win

Bas Rutten* not Bass

What is w/you and water creatures?

First crabs,and now bass.

They just taste so good

Both Joe and Bas are the color man. You need a play by play man, and a color man.

 Both dudes are great, but both are colour commentators so probably wouldnt work.

In all honesty  Mauro/Rogan or Quadros/Rogan would be a lot better though most people hate Mauro and Quadros & Rogan dont get on.

Goldberg/Ruten would be an abortion!!

Rogan and Quadros would be a great commentating team. Yeah, it is too bad for sure they dislike eachother, because that really would be an awesome team for the UFC. Make the commentating much better.

banjohaze - Both Joe and Bas are the color man. You need a play by play man, and a color man.


Goldie can be replaced by a text box that stats random facts about the fighters during the rounds. Bas and rogan would bring ufc to a new level of pwnsome.

isn't rogan the play by play man, telling the viewer what is happening in the fight, while goldy is the color man telling stupid facts and statistics about the fighters?

 Rogan can be a play by play guy too.

Rogan is definitely a color guy who happens to have more knowledge than all of the play-by-play guys (non-fighters) in the business.

Rogan did play-by-play for a UFC, maybe two? It was a while back. I want to think Mir was doing color.

Rogan went back to color the next show. Re: his work as a PBP guy, he actually said on air: "I sucked at that."


I think Pike Goldberg would be a better match with Bass Rutten's style personally.

Bas is the man!

Love Bas commentating

 Bas and Joe both need straight men, so I don't think they'd be a good pair.  But they are both great.

You're kidding, right ? Since leaving Pride he's gotten lazy but at his best he's THE best in the biz. His understanding of MMA far eclipses Joe, who mostly knows sport-hobbyist jiu jitsu. Not to mention the wild biases he often has..

" Bas is a fuckin' HORRIBLE commentator."

I think they've gotten better, but for a long time Joe-Goldie have been sub-par in MMA knowledge.

Bas knows his shit, but he tends to get annoying and childish with sound effects. Quadros/Rogan would be ideal.