Joe Rogan : Commentary at UFC

Regarding your comment likening a four time Oklahoma state champ to a 7 time California state champ.

Appreciate the enthusiasm but you were off. If anything that comparison would be accurate if it were reversed.

but otherwise your definitely an asset to the ufc and you keeps it real.

Hes an asset until he opens his mouth and starts talking about how big fighters jaws are.

Back under your bridge trolls!

Worst Commentary for any UFC Ever, without a doubt. Anyone thinks Goldberg/Rogan is better than Rutten/Quadros is missing some sort of synapse in the noggins.

Are you people retarded! Goldie said that and Rogan agreed, Rogan was not the one who made the comment

"someone needs to kidnapp kongo and take him to wrestling camp" that was classic and just about 90% of what joe rogan says is hilarious.

Rogan: "Whoa, look at his ankle!"

Goldie: "And look at his ankle too, Joe!"

^^^^^ LOL

Hell Maurillo is better than Goldberg/Rogan.

Maurillo called Japanese Proverbs "Japan Statements"

That's pretty damn stupid if you ask me

You guys are little bitches. Rogan and Goldie are fantastic. They are funny and knowledgeble.

Rogan and Goldie do a great job. Wait until HBO hires a couple shmucks and see how much you appreciate Joe and Goldie.

Rogan provides more education and insight into the fights than most veteran fighters. He is a fantastic annoucer.


Oklahoma had 19 4 time state champs.

California has had one to date.

Oklahoma has four different divisions allowing for 4 different champs at one weight class.

California with a larger population has 1 division and a true state tournament.

Also look at the results from high school nationals the in past years. Thats head to head competition between states. NHSCA Top 3 States (1993-2007)

No team score

1. Ohio-185.5
2. Pennsylvania-166.0
3. California-157.5

1. Ohio-251.5
2. Pennsylvania-189.0
3. California-164.5

1. Ohio-202.5
2. California-163.0
3. Indiana-158.5

1. California-283.0
2. Minnesota-176.0
3. Ohio-170.0

1. Ohio-213.0
2. Pennsylvania-208.5
3. New Jersey-189.5
Note: Team California placed 4th (only a few points behind NJ)

1. Minnesota-184.5
2. California-176.0
3. Utah-169.0

1. California-255.0
2. Ohio-234.0
3. New Jersey-152.5

1. Ohio-258.5
2. California-220.5
3. New Jersey-178.5

1. California-265.5
2. New Jersey-228.5
3. Ohio-185.5

1. Ohio-253.0
2T. California-218.0
2T. New Jersey-218.0

1. Ohio-289.0
2. New Jersey-202.5
3. California-176.0

1. Ohio-173.5
2. California-136.0
3. Michigan-118.5

1. New York-222.0
2. Ohio-186.0
3. California-180.0

1. New Jersey-249.0
2. California-231.5
3. Ohio-230.0

1. California-205.5
2. New Jersey-198.0
3. Ohio-179.5

Ohio: 8 (1993, 94, '95, '97, '00, '02, ’03, ’04)
California: 4 (1996, ’99, ’01, ’07)

Most Top 3 Team Finishes
Ohio: 14
California: 14
New Jersey: 8
Pennsylvania: 3
Minnesota: 2
Indiana: 1
Michigan: 1
New York: 1
Utah: 1


Remind me NEVER to argue with oldfatwrestler regarding amateur wrestling history!

Randy and Josh Barnett are the best commentators I have listened to. Rogan does have some insight and can be funny at times, but by in large is an annoying high pitched completely biased and overly opinionated commentator. Goldie is f-ing clueless!

Rogan talks like he's screaming half the time. It may be a funny gimic for a comic, but seriously it's annoying when watching the show.