Joe rogan defends ilhan omar and is again being called an anti-semite himself

he said “saying jewish people are into money is not antisemitic - saying jews arent into money is like saying italians arent into pizza”

krystal ball was on and agreed with him that omar should not have apologized and her committee removal was stupid

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This is a self-inflicted wound by Joe.

Omar apologized for her rhetoric, but contextualized her comments as being critical of the Israeli government and the corruption of D.C. lobbyists.

This has been the go-to dem. defense for accusations of antisemitism.

Rogan, being he’s out of his depth on most issues he talks about on his show, tried to defend her by saying she was right about Jewish people liking money, something Omar explicitly claimed she was not saying.

Whether you believe Omar’s expkanation or not, the fact is she claimed she was talking about the government and Rogan defended her by claiming she was right about Jews as a group of people.


Joe has a 12 year old’s grasp of everything. It’s embarrassing.

Did she even say “Jews are into money”? Not at all.

She said something in Israeli politics was “all about the Benjamins”, and Republicans pretended to be outraged and called her a bigot, because their bigoted members and voters hate moooslims and infantalize Israel because of their literal interpretation of the bible.

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There is no defending that woman. Terrorist supporter.


its a defensible position but he needed to go further in explaining it, just like omar.

krystal did a better job with her comments and likely wont get the same blowback because of that.

rogan is wrong jews hate money


Jews do like money. So do Christians and muslims and even retards. Everyone likes money.

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Hopefully they go hard after him and wake him up

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Omar is a liar though. It’s pretty obvious she has anti-Semitic views . I don’t care what she claims

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So it’s not what she says and does… it’s what you can read in her mind?

Is Joe also an anti-semite for what he said?

Because everyone (Dem/GOP/ADL) rebuked Omar’s comments as antisemitic because they interpreted her comments as saying Jews liked money, and that is what Joe reiterated on his show.

It’s precisely what she says and does.

Openly supporting and speaking on behalf of recognized terrorist organizations.

Jews do like money. Let’s look at the % of billionaires that are jewish and then their % of the population.


Jews use money as a way to coerce and structure societal heirarchies.

It’s engrained into their culture and thought process.

Virtually everything they do as a routine is based around having money in mind.


That’s how money works in general, though.

Take any group of people at the top of a societal hierarchy and the commonality they all share is money and using it to retain their power via means of exploitation, coercion, and corruption; not a religion.

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The only thing wrong with what Joe said was that it was in defense of Ilhan Omar.


Yes paganism

just so happens it’s being done by members of a certain religion to enslave us all, because their religion promotes robbing the goyim whenever possible