Joe Rogan gets a serious ear beating by BJJ BB



It's still real to me.

 whats all this about catshit???


The part where Renato gets upset because Joe starts talking to some guy off camera is really funny: "That guy...that guy's a white belt."

is this real?  either way this is one of the most entertaining videos ive seen for a lot of reasons

"joe i gave you a chance."  "when king of the cage comes....when bellator comes"  is this real?


lol @ the hog watcher

This is a pretty funny troll job.

The dude is a 10th planet purple or brown I think.

I dropped in a class at 10th Planet Burbank a few years ago when Legacy MMA was remodeling and rolled with "Renato." He's a cool dude, but not a Brazilian BB.

Not only is Laranja a 27x mundial champ, he's a soap opera superstar as well.

Seriously, from 5:20-5:51 kills me.

I assume it's being done in fun, but if 10th Planet is trying to offend Brazilians then that really sucks.

 i like the end part.

'I'm gonna prove you wrong Joe Hogan,  I'm gonna prove you wrong."


what ever happened with the hogwatcher?


Judo Scott - what ever happened with the hogwatcher?

I have a link to his Facebook. Interested?

I think it is staged but still funny!

m.g - I think it is staged but still funny!
You havent seen the other threads? The guy is an actor. Rhasaan Orange or some shit. - Cached - Similar

orange in Portuguese is laranja

This shit wasn't funny when it was new, and now it's just old and even less funny, if that's even possible.

I am from the 'Latin world", and there really are people I grew up with just like "Renato": Obnoxious, right in your face and walking a fine line between being friendly, but then taking offense just as easily, and ready to take you on. You have to play the game - and get away quickly. I don't know what it is; a lack of social skills, stupidity and/or/what. Renato is a riot and I am in no way offended, but your concern is very gracious of you.