joe rogan had a challenge match!!!

so some fuckwad thought that it would be cute to call joe rogan out on myspace saying that he would "tap tap tap him(joe)".  and joe, being the stand up dude he is, told the dude to come on down to the bombsquad to get his ass kicked.

well, surprisingly, the douche bag showed up with his loser/closet-case buddy.  once sparring started, joe went at it with the guy.  within two seconds, it was obvious that the moron (the challenger) was completely outclassed. in the span of like two minutes, joe tapped the faggot six times, three of which a forum member (str8jive) got on camera.

afterwards, the dickdrip left with his tail tucked between his legs and his pillowbiting partner in crime in arm.

i guess the bitch thought that all celebrities were soft and that he would gain some sort of popularity if he put the hurting on one.  sadly, and yet justly, the pillowbiter found out that eddie doesnt give out pity belts and joe is legit.

make that a lesson to all you tampons out there; dont fuck with team unicorn and joe rogan.  chuck norris' tears may cure cancer, but joe rogans guns could take out a small militia in northern idaho.

Come on CUO, you know better...where is the vid? ;)

Joe shouldnt take challenge matches..What if the guy was really good and hurt him? Hes a multi million dollar actor..

With that said, I'm glad he tooled the guy

i dont have the video. if i did, i would post it. i just thought that you guys would like to know.  joe said he would come on to talk about.  maybe tomorrow str8jive will put up the tape.

"Joe shouldnt take challenge matches..What if the guy was really good and hurt him?"

joe is a fucking brown belt, and a good one at that.  some johnny rottencrotch off the street aint going to hurt him. 

Obviously fear is not a factor for Joe Rogan.

we should have made the guy eat a twinkie dipped in the toilet, but joe is too nice for that.

was this grappling or full mma?

"twinkie dipped in the toilet"

in other words a turd that's not creme filled.

Nice work Joe. TTT for the video clips!

just grappling. you wouldnt want to throw hands with joe.  he hits harder than most pro boxers at our gym

"just grappling. you wouldnt want to throw hands with joe. he hits harder than most pro boxers at our gym"

I realize Rogan is no joke when it comes to striking, but color me skeptical on this one.

real pro boxers (pro as in it's their profession they get their living money from, not as in they do it for money) are in another league in punching power as far I have seen, for the most part.

maybe you're just talking about pros who do it as a side thing, in which case it is more plausable.

you got any video of Joe boxing/KB'ing?

shit, I forgot.

Didn't Joe do KB'ing and win a state title after Tae Kwon Do?

it's pretty plausible then, some KB'ers have pretty good hands.

im talking about pros who do it for a living. shuki (the kickboxing coach) said he hits harder than almost anyone he has ever held pads for

cuo - I forgot Joe did some KB'ing. so I can believe it's possible.

andy dick should know better than to start shit with joe on myspace...

right guy, wrong fight. Andy Dick got his bitch slap back in the "News Radio" days.


yes, he beat Andy Dick senseless, after Andy wouldn't stop his unwanted advances at Joe, true story. Also Princedaydream, why don't you check out my gym sometime with me, Also what city did you say you were in? I'm in North Bergen.

":you got any video of Joe boxing/KB'ing"

There was a short clip posted a while a go. It was less than impressive to say the least.