Joe Rogan is funny as hell!

Checkout his standup!

I saw Joe perform in AC the night before the IFL and REality Righting...

Everybody from the IFL was there, and lots from Reality Fighting.

Joe freeking killed.


I bought his comedy cd and laughed my balls off. His stand up his hilarious.

Sh!t, I thought it was going to be a clip of him sparring Muay Thai or something!

"There's one thing I need to tell you before we do this, Joe Rogan. I smoke rocks."

He had a show at the Comedy Store in LA this past weekend.

Joe is one of the best stand-up's that I've ever seen. Not only that, but he's a great guy too. I've seen him do his stand-up routine 8-10 times, and it is funny every time.

If Joe is ever in your neck of the woods... I highly recommend that you go check him out. He's usually got Ari, and Joey with him and they are a funny group of guys too.

His stand up is not bad... how 'bout his ground game?

for sure. if he's doing a show in your area, you would be a complete tard if u miss it. his stand up is not your run off the mill shit that everybody else does. he really puts a lot into his stand up. we used to go to the improve about every week and seriously, after seeing his show u could see he is way beyond anyone else. kinda like the fedor of the comedy world.

have a hot gal line him up a buncha shots of tequila while hes on after the other..right Joe?! LOL!

I believe that he's touring right now. I don't know if he's got as much free time as he did when he was shooting for FF. Joe will be back... he always does. He's going to be performing in Austin, TX Thursday May 18 through Sunday May 21 2006.