Joe Rogan on KTLA 5 morning news..

I watch the KTLA Morning news on channel 5 here in LA every morning. I was pleasantly surprised to see Joe Rogan as a guest this morning. Did anyone else catch it?

They need to dump Sam Rubin and hire Joe. I almost spit up my coffee several times. He was hysterical. His comment on James Brown banging his 35 year old wife was not only funny becuase he said it, but also because the reaction of the rest of the crew, "Uh, this is the morning news Joe".... "What, I cant say bangin on the morning news?"

Oh and love the TAPOUT fatigues...nice

Anyone able to get a clip of this?




they will be doing a three minute piece on legends next month starring me, ethan suplee of "my name is earl" and hopefully some other characters from legends

Here is the link, scroll down to see Rogan clip

(bluenamer please...)

thx livewirecs!

cuo on ktla??

ttt for later

Joe Rogan on the KTLA Morning News

no prob....though they edited the James Brown comment out...

Always entertaining.

Thanks, Jayman.

Glad you enjoyed it :)  Here's the link:

ttt for later

I watched the clip, those pussies edited all the shit I said about James Brown, and about how I wanted to get high with Michael Jackson :)

^ Jerks.

Joe how long did that new tat take and did it hurt like fck?


I have it Tivo'd. I just gotta figure out how to transfer the footage onto my laptop. Its definitely YouTube material.

Yeah that was funny about Michael Jackson as well as the comment about James Browns widow - "I haven't seen acting that bad since Patrick Swayze in Roadhouse..."

"Joe how long did that new tat take and did it hurt like fck?"

It took 50 hours. It hurt, but not as bad as people complain about it.