Joe Rogan on KTLA 5 morning news..


Are you the same Jayman that trained with Gholar at BHJJC?

... 50 hours....

I know the molecule thing is DMT. Does the buddha thing represent the golden buddha you've mentioned before?


Are you the same Jayman that trained with Gholar at BHJJC?

no, I have spent the last 10 years at Jean Jacques..

"they dont know about the black belt"


Hey Beer Man that would be this jman that went to BHJJC

Hey Rogan,

How hot is Cher Calvin in person? Also it looks like she is getting kind of fat, is she?


Joe I enjoyed your segment.

I also thought the article on the same site called "Flatulence Allegedly Sparks Jail Fight" was very informative.

"they dont know about the black belt"

I love how the key grip can be heard in the background laughing at how
stupid that dude sounded when he said that.


You and Jayman need some sort of cage match to the death to own the name jayman/jman. He's only been with Jean Jacque for 10 years so how good could he be? LOL

How have you been? Are you training anywhere.

BTW, not to hijack this thread, I saw Rogan on this morning and he was the funniest thing to air on the CW so far.


cher calvin used to do news in vegas, she is a piece of ass in person

Gotta get the unedited version on Youtube and post it here.

Great thing  about having money and bein great at what you do  is ability to not givce  shit what people think. Rogan has that power. 

I want to know what JOE takes in the AM to be that Juiced?

And I know its not pot.

for some insane crazy reason I love that asian reporter Cher Calvin

just watched clip also....good stuff

I get all Denver network feeds inCosta Rica.  Fukin sux, no one ever wants to be on the  Denver morning show in winter .   Shit guests.

The clip on the news site was good.

It'll be interesting to see what exactly they edited out when the original version pops up on "You Tube."