Joe Rogan. Please stop...

screaming into the microphone. Goddam, dude. You dont need to yell into a mic. Its like an oxymoron. Have some mercy on your friggin vocal cords.

He was talking like AA was walking on fucking water! Atleast pretend to be unbiased.

All those things and his lame comb forawrd to cover the receeding hairline makes Joe Rogaine so awesome. And his fake 'Ohh somebody stuck something up my butt' reaction when Dana announced the coaches for TUF6 only further soldifies it.

He is the most bias and obvious bandwagon commentator I had ever seen.

Joes vs. Joes

Must be tough being a celebrity.nobodies on the internet talk "matter of fact" about the end of your career.

Can't wait to catch your next act mr. large at the comedy store

I'm sorry I used to like Joe, but not anymore! His anouncing SUCKS big

*pulls anti-Rogan earplugs out after UFC is over

its not rogans fault ufc 70 SUCKED

The whole ability to take punches due to head/jaw size thing is a bit silly (but otherwise he's pretty good).

Good god, don't you kids have some homework to do or something?

Get off the fucking computer and do something productive for awhile. All this unnecessary hate is stinking up the joint. ):O\

Wow, lot of ghey ass Rogan bashers on this thread. Give him a break, he is a genuine huge MMA fan more so than he is a commentator, like he has said on numerous occasions, and therefore he gets a bit carried away LIKE THE REST OF US. How many of you were not shouting at the screen when you saw that high kick??

"The whole ability to take punches due to head/jaw size thing is a bit silly"

Actually, that's not silly, that's a biological FACT.

I think Rogan is a great commentator, he just talks too loud. Nobody's perfect though.

rogan knows his shit, but if he could turn down the volume maybe people could stand to listen to him.

Joe's ok,but he needs to get it together some. He could shave,tuck in his shirt and try to look somewhat proffesional, he looked like someone who'd been sitting in a bar for a few days straight trying to outdrink Tank. His bias towards one fighter or another isn't very proffesional either. One thing I always liked about Jeff Blatnik and Bruce Beck,they were always in a nice suit, well groomed, and very proffesional in their demeanor/ interviews/ commentary. They understood what their job was about and how it should be done.

It's a good thing Joe posts here so he can read all these constructive tips on how to do his job.

Amazing really, that he even has a job with the UFC. The UG has hundreds of guys who could do it much better.

..."The whole ability to take punches due to head/jaw size thing is the stupidiest thing i have ever heard "

Shows what the fuck you know. Anyone that's paid attention to boxing and what fighters can take a punch knows that's the way it works. Think about it, you 'tard. If you Can't train your chin in any way at all, then how can certain guys have great chins and certain ones just don't? Genetics, meaning their bone structure.

Man, what's the point of arguing with you? You're right, I'm wrong. Now go back to watching WWE with the rest of the geniuses.

A bunch of fucking retards on this thread.

Rogan does come off as really biased. But he's also very knowledgeable of MMA, does a good job of explaining the nuances of grappling to the audience and I really like his "fan freak outs". For some reason they endear me to the show that much more.

Joe would be missed, very knowledgable and passionate about the sport.