Joe Rogan REACTS to Nate Diaz Vs Jake Paul

I didn’t know Paul was associated with PFL.

If Nate is offered $10 million, no reason to not do an MMA fight.


Nate is a terrible boxer and has zero power behind his punches. He can eat a shitload of damage and keep going though.

Jake has better boxing skills and more power, but its pretty obvious why he only fights non-boxers. Also, he’s absolute garbage in the clinch.

Nate will easily win an MMA fight because he’ll just crowd Jake in the clinch and pick at him with scrappy strikes until it inevitably goes to the ground where Jake will get clowned. Or he’ll just get him in something dumb like a standing guillotine.

I would say Jake always has a punchers chance, and he sort of does, but Nate is so brain damaged already that it would take a hell of a single strike to actually put him out.


What’s the $10M offer they referred to

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They should co-main event the night with the Zuckerberg/Musk fight


I lol’d.

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yea easy mma fight for him to take 10 million