“Joe Rogan slings mad dick b” - Brendan schaub

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Lol. That bitch be trollin hard

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Who has that hooah not shagged?

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"A. She was a Rua.

B. She hit me."



In other news, Valtrex is a new sponsor for the Joe Rogan Experience.


Maybe she’s trying to make Tito jealous?
Didn’t he end up saying what a horrible mother & all that she was, abandoning the kids after they broke up, etc?

Joe Rogan is short af. Did he need a step stool to do her doggystyle?

She was such a big whore that at this point she just assumes she’s fucked you…


She’s responding to this.


This comment deserves more love.

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me, and I’m slightly pissed.

Its decent, but it has to be worded right. Comedy is a fine art and its a very fine line between hilarious and flat. Let me show you on his example, he wrote:

“In other news, Valtrex is a new sponsor for the Joe Rogan Experience.”

Its a touch too clunky, and delivers the punchline too early. This is not a joke I would go with but if I did, this is how I’d write it:

“The Joe Rogan Experience, now brought to you by Valtrex.”

Thats objectively much funnier, right?


Damn they’ve gone insane

TYT is just catering to whatever they think will appease their radical left audience. Cenk himself is a racist weirdo who has said on his show he would make bestiality legal. He’s also used the N word multiple times on his show and made many vulgar comments about women.

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I could give a fuck what he says about women or if he said the N word. People are such pussies these days. But to make a public outcry to try and find a tranny that says she fucked a man that cyenk is clearly obsessed with is nuts

The point of my post was to show Cenk is fake and full of shit. Cenk isn’t outraged. He’s trying to create outrage to pump his ratings.


Rogan was single for a long time and JJ is like 50. This is prolly from 20 years ago and nbd


I agree with your assessment. Of course, since it was for Rogan’s show, maybe the less-than-perfect humor fits.

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he went up on her