Joe Rogan & Stephen Quadros broadcasting team

With all these recent threads complaining about the biased commentary, the Goldie-isms, etc, I thought I would test the waters on this hypothetic broadcast team.

I know, I'm gonna get a lot of "Rogan is biased", "Goldie is on happy pills and/or is a closet homo", "Bas BADING BADANG LEFT HOOK FTW!!11", "Couture has a dreamy soft spoken voice and a sexy hat" and on and on, but I have been thinking about this great match for a while now, and think it would be a perfect fit.

I don't know the first thing about broadcasting, I'll admit. I do know, that Joe brings personality and excitement as well as knowledge, and Stephen Quadros is very professional, articulate and knowledgeable as well.

I believe there were tensions in the past between Quadros and the UFC Management, if I'm not mistaken, I remember Stephen criticizing them on his website. So while it might not be realistic, I'd like to hear your opinions on it.

I think that while these two arent 100% perfect, they are the best in the business by a mile, and that their styles complement one another, no homo of course.


Supposedly there are tensions between Rogan and Quadros too.

That won't EVER happen, supposedly quadros dropped rogan with a kick in a vegas restroom and rogan's hand went in the urinal when he fell - gross!

Dammit. Perhaps it's only my opinion, but I think that team would be the most complete/professional/intelligent broadcasting team that could be assembled.

TTT for Joe Rogan and a response from the man himself!

Mike Sanders - That won't EVER happen, supposedly quadros dropped rogan with a kick in a vegas restroom and rogan's hand went in the urinal when he fell - gross!

Link to story? I'm intrigued to say the least.

"I read somewhere that I was a member of the New World Order, which is why I moved to Colorado to prepare for [the supposed end of the world in] 2012. I've heard some pretty funny ones. I've heard that I'm a member of the Illuminati. I heard that I was beaten up by in a bathroom by [former PRIDE commentator] Stephen Quadros. I've met Stephen a handful of times and said hello when I saw him but that's about as far as my interaction with him has ever gone. Another one I've heard is that I'm a government disinformation agent which is why I'm always talking about ridiculous things and conspiracy theories," Rogan laughs. "The Internet is awesome. I think there is something really funny and entertaining when people make stuff up about someone and post it online and people run with it. There's something entertaining about the fact that one anonymous person from their keyboard can start some ridiculous rumor. It's the nature of the beast. The internet is this open freeform communication platform in which anyone can communicate with the whole world. Now when I hear a rumor someone started about me I go on my blog or on a message board and I can quash the rumor before it grows. That's the beauty of the web; it's instantaneous. You just have to take the good with the bad like fake stories about Stephen Quadros kicking you in the head in a bathroom." 

 TTT for Joe to jump in and explain why Quadros doesn't post on the UG anymore..... 

Thank you for shedding light sir!

So no animosity between the two. That's a good start.

Any more opinions?

I prefer  Rogan and Goldie 10000000x more

Quadros is the only one that would be worse than Rogan

I guess the comedic gold that Goldie provides us with (see what I did there?) prevails over the "obnoxious nerdiness" of Quadros.

Oh well, thanks for the input guys!

I cant stand Quadros.
OR Mauro for that matter.

And he gives himself far too many plugs, it's annoying.

"Back when i commentated Fedors fight in pride # blah blah blah blah)"

Quadros is a tool.

Rogan is the best in the business, hands down.

Why is it that people keep arguing that Rogan is better than Quadros?

I am not saying replace Rogan with Stephen, I am saying replace Goldie with Stephen.

Hope that helps.

Calhoon - Quadros is way better than Goldie.

Mauro is better too.

I agree, although I thoroughly dislike Mauro. I just feel like Goldie is really bad. He's been commentating for years and still hasn't retained any of the info. And don't give me that "He does it on purpose for the new fans" line, I'm not talking about asking Joe questions on intricacies of the fight game, but overall cluelessness.

He seems either genuinely disinterested in learning more about the sport in which he is 50% of the biggest organization in the world's broadcast team. Or he's just plain DUMB.

FWIW, he seems like a nice guy and has a good voice for TV.

He just says a lot of senseless/non-grammatical/redundant/clueless stuff.

"Well sir, you try talking on TV for 3 hours straight and not mess up!"

I'm no commentator, but I've seen 'em on TV, and they seem to be doing just fine, with a small blooper every now and then. Not an entire thread dedicated to their mistakes everytime they get a couple of hours airtime.

For some reason when I see and hear Quadros I think of a 46 year old Sherdog member living in his moms basement. That guy is garbage!

they need a fighter in the booth with Goldberg and Rogan, wiht just the 2 of them it gives them too much time to say stupid shit

Big John McCarthy in the booth would be awesome.. He really surprised me at how good he was during the one Affliction show he commentated.

quadros does know his stuff though...even if your dont like his commentating style.

Rogan knows whats up as well

I like both their commentating styles personally

mauro and goldy...not so much

They need a third man (fighter) in the booth.  

Preferably Couture.